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Batch – Sept 2021

Trainer – Dheeraj Vashista

Course – 10 Day Bug Bounty Hunting & Pentesting Programme

Aswathi Balachandran
Aswathi Balachandran Associate Consultant ( Cybersecurity ) at KPMG | Certified Ethical Hacker | CSCU | Cyber Crime Intervention Officer

I had the opportunity to participate in the Ten-day Bug Bounty Hunting training programme provided by Sec Tech Creation. This course is designed for people who are new to bug bounty hunting and want to learn more about it. Our trainer managed each session admirably, and it was a fruitful and educational experience for me.Throughout their session, I've got an incredible learning experience. Thank you so much sir for your session.

Aju Mathew Thomas
Aju Mathew Thomas M.Tech Cybersecurity, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

I've had the pleasure of attending Sec Tech Creation Training sessions. The classes lasted ten days and were focused on Bug Bounty hunting for beginners. The trainer discussed the most important issues for a newbie who wants to learn more about Bug Hunting. He described everything from the ground up in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The curriculum was well-organized, with one vulnerability being discussed each day and live examples of how to exploit it. It was quite interesting and provided me with an excellent learning opportunity. Thank you, Dheeraj Sir, for your time and patience in handling the session for the last ten days.

Anshita Tayal
Anshita Tayal Student at Ansal University Gurgaon | Full Stack Developer

It was very good training , trainer having very good knowledge and share it . Good explaining skills as well. Trainer knowledge is excellent and very much descriptive and very friendly while explain any concept . Thank you so much sir

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Satisfied & Happy Students With this Course 100%

Batch – June 2021

Trainer – Dheeraj Vashista

Course – 20 Day Bug Bounty Hunting Boot Camp

Abhishek Bhosale Business Operations New Associate at Accenture

The teaching method are really nice and due to this anybody can easily learn. I am looking forward to learn more from you. Thank you for amazing sessions.

Bharat Sharma Student at The Technological Institute of Textiles & Sciences

Hello Sir, your course is so helpful for me. Your way of teaching and explanation of the topic is good and neat like first, you introduce the topic first after that definition/concept, How to do attack, practical impact mitigation, etc. Your teaching way is like a well-experienced teacher.

Akshat Singh Student At Amity University Noida

I want learn more concepts of Bug Bounty & Penetration Testing from you.


Less time and learn more thing and I'm not knowing such thing. After that session, I will do it and find bug also so thanks Dheeraj Sir to you for these nice sessions.। thankyou very much.

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Satisfied & Happy Students With this Course 90%